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Bill Teague's Top Plant Recommendations: Favorite Australian Trees for Southern California.


Bill Teague

  • Purple-leaf Acacia - Acacia bayliana purpurea
    Beautiful lavendar grey colored foliage with purplish new foliage.
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  • Peppermint Tree - Agonis flexuosa 'Jervis Bay After Dark'
    It has deep burgundy foliage, drought resistant and us in any size garden as it is not a huge tree.
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  • Australian Tree Fern - Cyathea cooperi 'Brentwood'
    Dramatic, huge and awesome. Requires very little care. It comes up from a single trunk allowing you to use in restricted planting areas.
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  • Australian Willow - Geijera parviflora
    Fine textured lacy tree that does not get too big and is drought tolerant.
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  • Sweetshade Tree - Hymenosporum flavum
    Does not throw much shade but grows fast and blooms often and fragrant. Drought tolerant.
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