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#2168 by katemckenzie
katemckenzie created the topic: aloe vera
Can I grow aloe vera on the southern CA coast? i need easy plants because i am not much of a gardener. am interested in the medicinal value of this plant. i live in point loma.

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#2169 by Mitch
Mitch replied the topic: Re:aloe vera
Hi Katemckenzie,
Absolutely, Aloe vera is super east to grow in Point Loma. It needs well drained soil and will do fine anywhere from full sun to part shade. Here at www.theMulch.com you can even get monthly reminders about taking care of Aloe vera in point loma here www.themulch.com/component/plants/?view=plants&plantCareId=3324

All you need to do is sign into theMulch.com, go to that page above and click on the little green button that says "USE" to the right of "Solana Succulents". After that you will be sent monthly reminders to your "My Plant Care" page automatically!

You can get these same reminders for tons of plants in your area (you are in Sunset Zone 24) here www.themulch.com/component/plants/?task=plantcare .

We also have the same information about what to do each month for Aloe vera plant here www.themulch.com/monthly-plant-care---by...-plant-care-calendar

Let me know if I can help with anything else.
B) Mitch

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