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Mitch shared a photo. 1 week ago

Just got my Angel Trumpet 'Maya' from Vintage Green Farms in Hawaii!

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sobeena5 created a new topic ' Garden for my house!' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hi all, I love to travel. Last month I visited Calgary and saw some beautiful landscapes maintained in few houses. I really loved it and would like to have the same in my house too. On inquiring, I came to know that the designs were from one of the commercial landscaping contractors in Calgary [ infinitygardens.ca/residential/about ]. As I am not really aware of the contractors and designers here, could anyone here please help me to do this? I would like to have a small waterfall too. I also have a plan to make a peony garden in my front yard. Could you please share about the ideal conditions for growing them?


sobeena5 replied to the topic 'replanting orange trees' in the forum. 1 month ago

I am sorry that, It is already too big and 10 years old I guess.


sobeena5 replied to the topic 'Are these plants worth keeping alive?' in the forum. 1 month ago

I completely agree with walter. You would take time to keep the plants live again.


sobeena5 replied to the topic 'DID YOU KNOW?' in the forum. 1 month ago

Thank you. It was a quite informative post.


JoseVenn created a new topic ' Mulches' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hello all,
I started gardening last year. That was my first gardening experience. My garden seems to be unhealthy and I don't understand where it went wrong. My wife said that it could be because of our soil. I was thinking of buying mulches and garden soil from garden soil suppliers Toronto ( www.essentialdisposal.com/landscape-supply/soils-and-mulches/ ). Does anyone here know how to prepare homemade mulches?? It will be really helpful if you share the information that you know. Thanks in advance.


JoseVenn replied to the topic 'HELP' in the forum. 1 month ago

I am not sure about the preventive measures. But I would like to share few which I've heard. Do not water the marigold from above. Also try to plant marigolds that are labeled powdery mildew resistant.


wcgarden - updated event, Water Wise Home Garden Tour 2 months ago
wcgarden added a new event 2 months ago

Water Wise Home Garden Tour

The Water Conservation Garden invites the public to its...

  • Saturday, 25 March 2017 09:00 AM
  • El Cajon, CA
Chan thanked Mitch in topic Staghorn fern issues 3 months ago
Mitch replied to the topic 'Staghorn fern issues' in the forum. 3 months ago

HI Chan - here's a great article about Staghorn Fern care from Walter Andersen in San Diego maybe that will help.


Chan created a new topic ' Staghorn fern issues' in the forum. 3 months ago

The temp outside has been dropping below 30 and icy, so I slowly brought my fern back indoors via bringing it into the garage at night. After a few weeks of doing that its now in the house enjoying a steady temperature of 64-73 degrees.

Every winter that I do this - I lose a few leaves. How often should I be watering? Once a week? Here's a picture of one of the leaves:

Any ideas/tips for preventing any further damage?


carol palmer created a new topic ' Polycarbonate garden roofing panels' in the forum. 4 months ago

I am planning to replace my present garden roof which is galvanised/corrugated one with polycarbonate. Will there be building code issues or runoff? Please suggest me good light weight roofing services. Any suggestions on roof lines east inc ( www.rooflines.com/services/commercial-roofing/ ) Are they reliable? Suggestions on polycarbonate panels. Thanks in advance


carol palmer replied to the topic 'Re:Overwintering' in the forum. 4 months ago

cover them with thick layer of mulch, or dig and move to a cold frame or cool basement. In case of container plants outdoor, overwinter them , packing them in large boxes at the center packed full with leaves.


carol palmer replied to the topic 'Trash into treasure' in the forum. 4 months ago

Excellent idea. We need to encourage such innovative ideas which would also ensure that waste is handles in a sensible manner.


carol palmer replied to the topic 'Dumping garden wastes' in the forum. 4 months ago

Disposing waste in unethical manners can lead to huge environmental impact and thereby serious problems. Leachate produced as a result of waste decomposition causes pollution.


Find out what you should be doing for your blackberries this month!

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oneechan has a new avatar. 5 months ago

Monthly Plant Care Reminders for Avocados in Sunset Zone 23, 24 www.themulch.com/articles/care-guides/fruits-nuts-…

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