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Please take a minute and add your climate zone to your profile - it's easy and we'll help!

Click Here For a Tutorial of HOW to Find Your Climate Zone.

Our Monthly Plant Care Reminders depend on you knowing your Sunset Zone or your USDA Hardiness Zone, so please find out what it is and add it to your profile.
The plants that will grow best in your garden are the ones that are best-adaptable to your specific climate. That’s why it pays to know your climate zone. To identify your climate zone (and the plants recommended for it), we use the two most popular systems of climate zones in the USA, which are the USDA Hardiness Zones and the Sunset Climate Zones.
Although both systems are quite useful as a general guide to climate, they are different in their scope: the USDA Zones are based solely on average minimum temperatures, while the Sunset Zones take into account many different climate factors such as summer heat, duration of heat and cold, annual rainfall, humidity, and prevailing winds. Knowing your climate zone in both of these systems is essential to identifying which plants will grow well for you.
Please Take a Minute and find your climate zone and add it in your profile. It's even better if you find your zone in both systems. To add it to your profile just log in, go to your profile (as shown below) and click on the "Edit Profile" button at the bottom of the page. Then you can add your zone information and answer the gardening related questions!
Visit other members profile and you'll see what zone their from (see below)


It's easy to do (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN FIRST):

Step 1: Find your zone - Click Here for tutorial.

Step 2: Go page your My Profile page - to do that Start by Hovering your mouse over the "My Plant Care" link, then by clicking on the "My Profile" or you can click on the "Community" link, they go to the same place.

Step 3: Go to the bottom of the page and click the "Edit Profile" button  link (see below):

Step 4: Scroll down and select either your Sunset Climate Zone or your USDA Hardiness Zone (which you already found with our hand tutorial here).



Step 5: Click the UPDATE button at the Bottom of the page (be sure to scroll all the way down to find it!)

It's as easy as that - now you're all set. This will really help us connect valuable plant care information to your profile!

There are a number of tabs, each tab has information about your profile including fun profile questions (on your "My Profile" tab), the Forum discussions you're following, your newsletter preferences and much more. We suggest you take a few minutes and explore and tell a little about yourself and your gardening philosophies!  

Click Here For a Tutorial of HOW to Find Your Climate Zone.

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