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How do I add a photo to my blog?

Answer: Adding a photo is just about the same as uploading a photo to a website. There are basically eight small steps. First you'll need to be logged in, once you're logged in there are two ways to get to your 'My Blog' section.

1. Either hover over 'My Profile' - 'Things to do', then click on 'Start/Edit My Blog', or you can go to your 'My Profile' page and click on the 'My Blog' tab and click on 'My Blog Dashboard'.

2. Decide on the photo you're going to use and resize it to less than 100 kb. (if a photo is too large it won't upload).

3. Click on the green "+" on the right side of the "Images/Files" portion of the blog window.

4. Click the "upload" link on the bottom right.

5. Click the "Browse" button and find the photo you are going to use (the one you resized) on your computer and click the "open" button.

6. Click the "Upload" button, this will put the photo in the "Images/Files" section of the blog screen.

7. Decide where you'd like the photo to go in your blog, just click the mouse where you'd like the photo to be inserted.

8. Double click the photo and it will be inserted into your blog!

NOTE: To further edit your photo you can click on the little "Tree" icon in the menu bar and follow the instructions. 

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