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How do I use the Forums? 

Forums are a VERY POWERFUL tool on the internet. A Forum is just like a bulletin board, where you can post a question or make a comment to the whole community. We can't recommend using the Forums to ask your gardening questions, we have a lot of very knowledgable members who are sharing their expertise and experiences.
This is a great resource which we hope everyone uses. There are no bad questions and we have gardeners of all levels from beginners to experts. This is the best place to ask a question (rather than in the "Mulch Chatter" or "Comments" areas) because the question stays visible for longer and therefore more people have a chance to answer it for you!

In order to post a question in our Forum, just click on the Forums link along the top of the main navigation bar , then select the category you think is best and click on the title (which is a link), then click "new thread" newthread.jpgand then it's just like writing an email (be as specific as possible) - you can even post a photo if you'd like!

  More cool features:

  • You can easily search our Forum for similar questions and discussions.
  • You can add photos to your Forum posts. It's easy, just upload the photo from your computer, you'll see the selectimage.jpg'Upload and Image' feature at the bottom of the place you write the message).
  • You'll automatically be notified whenever someone comments on your question! 
  • All of your Forum posts are kept on your My Profile page, so you can easily find your earlier discussions (see arrow below). 
So Go For it  - ask away!

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