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Good things can happen when you 'Add a Plant' to one of your personal plant lists on the Mulch!

We  invite you to create a list of plants you grow, the more plants you add to your lists, the more information we can connect you to and the more the collective community can learn about what plants people grow and like.  Once your plants are  your Personal Plant List you can see who else owns the same plants!  Imagine the possibilities to be able to communicate with others from all over who own your same plant!!!

 Tutorial: How To Create Your MY PLANTS list.  

Remember your plants name! For most gardeners it's easy to forget the name of the plant once you loose the little tag it had at the nursery. When you add a plant, you'll always have a place to remember it's name. The more plants you add, the better our plant data is! Right now you can see all sorts of reports about the plants which have been added to members lists.

You can add a photo of your plant. This helps everyone involved, you'll really be able to remember it's name and you'll be able to show off your cool plants. Once you've added your plant photos you can "Tag" your plants.

"Tag" your plant photos. NEW FEATURE - when you upload a photo to the Mulch you can put a TAG on the photo with the plant name. That Tag is a link that goes to our Plant Encyclopedia and connects you to Monthly Plant Care Reminders, more photos and much more.

You can easily find anyone else in the community who has that same plant. Simply click on the series of numbers which look something like this 13*1*0*0*0. These numbers represent how many people have already added them to their personal lists.

Ask questions of others who own your same plant. Once you find the others who owned that plant, you can easily asked them questions using our private message system! You can even see where they're from or what level of gardener they are by simply visiting their member profile.

Make private notes. Maybe it's to remind yourself when you last fertilized, or where you bought it, or anything about the plant which only you can see.

Ask a question in our Forum to everyone in the community. We've made it easy to start a Forum topic about any plant you own simply by clicking a button..

Add a comment for all to see, do you like this plant, do you dislike it, did you think it was going to be different than it was? You can comment on any plant in our database. Another way to share information simply by giving your personal experience.

Connect to Plant Care Reminders and Plant Encyclopedia! Have all sorts of detailed plant information at your fingertips. Just click on the botanical name of the plant and it will take you to more specific information about the plant you're interested in.

So please, take a few minutes and add a plant or two to one of your lists. You don't have to do them all at once, just a few at a time, and before you know it you're whole garden will be online!

Tutorial: How To Create Your MY PLANTS list.