Walter Andersen

Easy to grow outside. Bloom in winter, bring indoors when blooms open, they can last two to three months in bloom. Colors, almost any color you can imagine except for blue. Move outdoors when blooms fade. Feed about once a month and they should bloom every year. When they get to big repot to larger pot, more blooms, or divide and make more plants, usually most find them easy to grow. Miniature to very large.
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Grow well outdoors here in most areas. (don't like a lot of frost) These plants will bloom for about eight months of the year. They come in most colors except blue. Easy to grow. A great beginner plant, you can sa "I grow Orchids" and probably be very successful. May impress many people.
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There are so many (it is the largest plant family of all) New hybrids and new ways to grow them have brought the price down so many are very affordable, many less expensive than a bouquet of flowers. If you don't want to fool with them just buy another when the blooms fade. Orchids still look "expensive" and "exotic", they are a good value, generally.
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Oncidium 'Sharry Barry Sweet Fragrance'

Exotic "Moth Orchids" can bloom for months indoors. When you figure the cost they are very inexpensive for the length of bloom. Most can get them to re-bloom, but if they don't for the cost and pleasure you have received, they are inexpensive. For most these are indoor plants.
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