Christiane Holmquist

Indian Mallow - Abutilon palmeri
Indian Mallow. Small evergreen shrub to 3-5 ft by equal spread, with clustered luminous orange-yellow lantern-like flowers in spring and continuously throughout the yar in the warmest locations. Grown primarily for its soft, velvety, heart-shaped to roundish leaves. Little water. Partial shade in hottest climates. Looks beautiful against Ceanothus Mountain Lilac or ornamental grasses with hues of blue.
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Abutilon palmeri

Jerusalem Sage - Phlomis fruticosa
Jerusalem Sage. Evergreen perennial with silvery-green velvety foliage, producing whorls of two-lipped yellow flowers on erect stems in late and early summer. 4-6' by same. Loves full sun, good drainage and occasional water. Ignored by deer.
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Phlomis fruticosa

Dwarf Plumbago - Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Dwarf Plumbago. One of few true blue flowers on a short 12" plant whose leaves turn a brilliant red after the first cold nights in fall. The plant looks a little scraggly at the end of winter and profits from a good cut-back. A very versatile plant that tolerates shade and sun and is tolerant of dry conditions, as well.
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Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Purple Love Grass - Eragrostis spectabilis
Purple Love Grass. A practically evergreen ornamental dull-green grass, to 2 ft, producing purplish reddish influorescens in summer that fade to a soft brown, persisting on plant into spring. Very attractive next to silvery-green succulents, Veronica prostrata, Lavender or, by contrast, to strong colored perennials.
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Emu Bush Valentine - Eremophila species C443 'Valentine'
Winter-blooming with showy pink-red flowers. Blooms from January through March; for the rest of the year provides deep green foliage and a dense, rounded form. Grows quickly to 4-5' x 5-6'. Full sun, well drained soil. Little to moderate water.
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Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light'
Morning Light Japanese Silver Grass. A beautiful ornamental grass. Handsome fine textured blades have a narrow band of clear white on the leaf margins giving the plant a luminant appearance. Upright arching foliage 4-5 ft tall, to 6 ft when with flowers in late summer/fall, emerging reddish bronze and drying to fluffy cream. A stunning accent against our brilliant winter skies!
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