Bill Homyak

Cape Chestnut - Calodendrum capense
Beautiful broadleafed tree with dark green leaves. Stay mostly evergreen but drops the leaves in early spring. Large 2 - 3' clusters of pink flowers in May or June. Gets about 40 feet in size.
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Silk Floss Tree - Chorisia speciosa
Great features all year round. Has thorny trunks and branches to observe when the tree is bare in winter. Also, in winter, it has green, avocado-like fruits that hang on the branches. These fruits split open to expose pure white cottony fibers (very soft). And, what other trees will bloom for you in the late summer with large pink hibiscus-like flowers.
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Chorisia speciosa

Southern Live Oak - Quercus virginiana
This is a tree I see very little of in San Diego. Like most live oaks, it is mostly evergreen but drops all its leaves in March at the same time it is putting on new leaves. Dark green, shiny, attractive foliage. The best feature is its large, spreading crown. Great overstory tree that rarely needs pruning and has strong branches and deep roots.
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Quercus virginiana