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Jason Kubrock's Top Plant Recommendation: Best Bamboos for Small Gardens in Southern California. 

Jason Kubrock

Hedge Bamboo - Bambusa multiplex
There are about a dozen different cultivars of this small, clumping bamboo. It is one of the easiest bamboos to find at most garden centers.
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Babusa multiplex

Climbing Bamboo - Chusquea coronalis
A small clumping bamboo with graceful arching culms and small delicate foliage. It also makes a nice container plant.
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Chusquea coronalis

Khasia Bamboo - Drepanostachyum khasianum
The culms of this bamboo have a bluish color, but the nodes are burgundy, which create a very ornamental effect.
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Drepanostachyum khasianum

 Fountain Bamboo - Fargesia nitida
This small clumper is one of the most cold tolerant bamboos.
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Fargesia nitida

Himalayacalamus asper
Another small clumping bamboo with culms that are burgundy colored.
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Himalayacalamus asper