Dawn Hummel

Blackberry Lily - Belamcanda chinensis
Plant derives its name from the clusters of shiny black seeds clustered together that resemble the blackberry fruit when seed capsules split open. Even though it is called a lily it is actually in the Iris family. Fan-shaped leaves reach 2 feet tall. Blooms in late summer. Berries are persistent thru December. Flowers are orange with a red dot and are 2 inches across.
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Phormium tenax 'Rubrum'
Evergreen, upright strap-like foliage forming a vase shaped clump. Reddish purple - green foliage provides a bold and tropical garden accent.
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Phormium tenax 'Rubrum'

Hebe 'Amy'
Handsome evergreen shrub that grows to 3ft tall within 3 years. Dark red stems and emerging leaves, large dark green leaves and spikes of purple dotted white flowers in late summer that persist thru fall/early winter. Can be taken down to the ground by winter cold when reaches below 20 degrees. Hebes are native to New Zealand.
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Hebe 'Amy'

Lenten Rose - Helleborus 'Orientalis'
Lenten rose is an evergreen clump-forming, early spring-blooming perennial. Large, cup-shaped nodding flowers appear in clusters on thick stems rising above foliage. Flower color varies; ranging from white to pink to light rose-purple, frequently with interior speckles. Locate plants near a kitchen window, patio or walkway so blooms may be enjoyed to the fullest. Float flowers in a small bowl of water to enjoy the diversity of shapes, colors and interior spotting.
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Whirling Butterflies - Gaura lindheimeri
Snow white, starry-white, orchid-like flowers on numerous, thin, red stems, spring to autumn. Maroon spots may appear on the foliage as well. Resemble butterflies above willow-like foliage. Can tolerate heat, humidity and drought in parking strip areas. Deadhead during flowering season to promote growth and longer blooming periods. Great in containers as well.
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Gaura lindheimeri 'Perky Pink'

Russian Sage - Perovoskia atriplicifolia
Provides a mist-like quality to the garden before and well after it blooms.  Foliage is grey-green with tooth-edged leaves and the stems are silver white.  Long blooming blue-lavender flowers. Bumble bees will frequently sleep on the stems overnight.
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