Lois de Vries

I like the large-flowered hybrids, particularly in purple and purple and white stripes. I interplant yellow ones among the daffodils in the lawn.

Scilla and Puschkinia
Scilla reseeds everywhere, creating beautiful colonies of blue throughout the garden in spring and are no-care, once planted. Puschkinia is a bit more fragile, but it's pale pale blue color offers an interesting change of pace from the generally strong colors of spring bulbs.

Scilla siberica

Daffodils, Narcissus
Reliable, early-spring flowers. I favor the old-fashioned fragrant, large-cupped types, such as King Alfred, although the most fragrant, multi-flowered types that are later-blooming have an intoxicating scent that isn't to be missed.


I caught the Tall-Bearded fever the first year of my garden-scouting career http://loisdevries.blogspot.com/2007_08_01_archive.html. In our area, these bloom around Memorial Day and fill the floral void between the spring ephemerals and roses. Easy to grow.

Iris douglasiana escalona

Asiatic and Oriental Lilies
Wonderfully fragrant, multiply on their own, lovely colors. Need staking, but otherwise carefree.