For instance, Marathon III is the slowest of the three varieties which means you don't have to mow as much and you have less yard waste. While this may seem desirable to those of you who just hate mowing, this option can have its disadvantages.

One of these disadvantages is that it also shows any brown, damaged or less dense areas of the lawn for a longer period of time making your lawn look less attractive. It is however, a good selection if you do not have a lot of yard traffic like kids playing or entertaining often. It is best used on a lawn that is seldom walked on or used. In other words a lawn with the least damage risk.

Here is a brief overview of all three of the varieties of Marathon Sod to help you determine which one is best for your lawn.

Marathon I

This turf variety is medium green in color, durable for regular daily traffic and wear and it grows very fast meaning it recovers much faster than the III variety. It's best used for family yards and areas of recreation. This is a year-round sod with a course texture that should be kept at 2.5 to 3.5 inches tall.

Marathon II

This sod is also quite durable and grows slightly slower than the Marathon I variety. It has a good recovery rate and can withstand a lot of activity as long as it is not on a daily basis. The texture is medium to course and it is a lush medium/dark green. This year-round sod should be kept mowed between 2 and 3 inches.

Marathon III

This Marathon variety is, as mentioned in the first paragraph, a very slow recovering sod. It does reduce the need to mow as often and it also reduces the lawn clippings from mowing and trimming. It is dark green in color with a fine to medium texture which is not durable under family or recreational applications.

jimmy_-_whittierIf you are like many homeowners, you probably never thought about the different varieties of grass and how it can affect your landscape. With the information provided here, you now have an idea of the applications for which varieties of Marathon Sod are best for your lawn needs.

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