Plant Care (127 topics)

This Service has been moved here: www.themulch.com/-plant-care/request-plant-care
We invite you to use our service today!
New special free service: now you can request plant care reminders to be designed for your climate zone for up to THREE plants. Tell us three plants, your climate zone (either of these: Sunset or USDA)and we'll create monthly reminders for the important tasks and send them to you!
Do you have a question about plant care? Ask it here!

Winter Plant Care (3 topics)

Ask and answer your questions about caring for your plants during winter.
Are we missing a plant name in our Plant Encyclopedia? Do you own a plant and you'd like to add it to one of your lists but aren't able to? Then tell us here. Please try and use botanical names (if possible). We'll respond to your forum topic when it's in!

Gardening Questions and Discussions (467 topics)

Ask the questions here which don't fit in any other topic.
Do you have questions or discussion topics about growing fresh fruit, nuts or vegetables, if so, post them here!
Tell everyone what you did in your garden today, nothing is too small or too big. Did you buy a cool plant? Did you plant some seeds? Re-pot some seedlings? Buy a cool Build an arbor? Let everyone know!
Ask questions or give suggestions

Ask questions or give suggestions

Gardening Tips (10 topics)

Help a fellow gardener out - share your secrets!
Just like our experts, tell us about your favorite plants for the garden

Hardscape (4 topics)

Questions? Suggestions? Successes? Pitfalls? Let us know!
Let's talk about saving some water!

Hot New Plants (3 topics)

What's new and what's hot
Too much of something - not enough of something else? Let's trade!
Help! Explain in detail what's wrong and get some help! You can even attach a photo of the problem! Don't be shy if you know the answer to someone's problem!
Need help identifying a plant? Post a photo here and let's see if we can figure out what it is!

Beginners Corner (18 topics)

Are you just getting started and need some help? Ask your question here !

Propagation (7 topics)

Ask or answer questions about plant propagation
Having a problem finding a specific plant? Looking for a place to purchase or trade for that perfect plant? Post it here!
What topics would you like articles written about? Give your suggestions here.
Do you have suggestions, ideas, great experiences while traveling to see great gardens? Share them here!

Plant Problems (5 topics)

Questions, suggestions and discussions about Container Gardening.

Pruning (2 topics)

Questions, discussions, ideas about Pruning.

Regions and Zones (2 topics)

Questions and discussions about regional gardening issues including USDA and Sunset Zones and which plants work where.

The Mulch Website (14 topics)


Suggestions (10 topics)

What features would you like to see in the future?
Do you have a question or topic you think should go in the FAQ's?
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