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09 Sep 2010 22:08 #1949 by walter
walter created the topic: DID YOU KNOW?
GARDENING is the largest hobby in the USA. More people 'garden' in one way or another than any other leisure activity. Also GARDENING is good for you. It helps relive stress, makes for a more pleasant environment. Other benefits are it can produce wonderful cut blooms and great food, and 'you know what is in the food!' They don't 'RECALL' home grown veggies usually and it is fresh!!. It gives you a place to relax. A place to meditate and just think about other things. For sure it is a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist or psychologist, granted some of us may need those too, but it all helps, one way or another.
YOU can enjoy Gardening, indoors if you need to, on a balcony or a porch. It does not have to be super large to get enjoyment from growing things.

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14 Sep 2010 07:08 #1965 by mrsmith
mrsmith replied the topic: Re:DID YOU KNOW?
Thank you Walter for this reminder. As a gardening mom, I can also add it is a wonderful teaching tool for children. Gardening teachs us to be good stewards of our earth. It allows us to really get close to nature. It fosters a sense of accomplishment and generousity. (Who cannot resist sharing the bounty of harvest)
And best of all it is pretty inexpensive!

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14 Sep 2010 08:29 #1968 by walter
walter replied the topic: Re:DID YOU KNOW?
Yes, it is a great teacher also. About a year ago I planted a Fuji Apple tree. My grandson (10 years old) helped dig the hole. We both put the tree in and 'tucked' in some soil with compost mixed in. He gave it a good soaking with the hose. Last week he was just messing around in the yard and said "Hey Grandpa, you have an apple on the tree already!" Yes there is one small apple forming. I told him he could have the first one, but it is not ripe yet. His eyes were beaming. You can get a lot of satisfaction from your gardening efforts, even a small apple works!

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