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Container gardening

08 Oct 2010 07:01 #1981 by coreyffa
coreyffa created the topic: Container gardening
what are the basics of container gardening?

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12 Oct 2010 16:20 #1983 by walter
walter replied the topic: Re:Container gardening
Well that is pretty basic. You need a container, a pot, a box or an old boot? Also depends on what you intend to grow. So you would need some potting soil and a plant or two also. Just pick out the right plant for the conditions and size of the container, plant it up and you should be done. Just a little water, if all else is right things should grow.

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11 Nov 2011 01:46 - 10 Feb 2017 17:24 #2170 by afraidcrrazy
afraidcrrazy replied the topic: Re:Container gardening
Sun - Most vegetables need full sun - which means at least six hours of direct sun a day. It is easy to overestimate the amount of sun an area gets really, so watch out and time how long the sun hits the place where you want to put your container garden plants, or use a solar calculator to get an accurate not optimistic assessment.

Water - Growing vegetables need water - lots of it. However, you do not want to drown your plants. The goal is to keep the soil moist but not wet. To find out if plants need water, stick your finger down on the floor, about an inch, or at the first knuckle. If the soil feels dry, add water, and if you're unsure, wait and check at the end of the day. At the height of summer, is likely to have water at least once, sometimes twice a day. Proper watering can be the most important and most difficult to grow a vegetable garden in containers.

Heat - If you live in a very hot you may have to shade plants in the middle of the day in order not to fry. Furthermore, it is best not to use metal or dark colored plastics or ceramics, as they can get hot and cook the roots of your plant.

On the other hand, many vehicles do not like the cold ground, so be sure not to plant container gardens were full time, until you know that the temperatures are warm enough. For many plants the soil must be at least 60 ° F. Using a meat thermometer is a good way to know the temperature of your soil. Always be sure to acclimate the plants before putting them out.
Soil - Potting soil quality is very important for vegetables. Do not use soil from your garden, because it will compact in its container and water will not drain properly. Furthermore, one of the reasons garden in containers is so you do not have to deal with weeds. It is quite possible that if you use garden soil, which will import the weeds in the container. I use organic potting soil, as studies have shown that there are many advantages for the cultivation of organic products, including a better flavor and a high percentage of antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Fertilizers - Plants need food to grow, and their food is fertilizer. If the soil has fertilizer already mixed, you'll want to add fertilizer. I use an organic granular fertilizer mixed in my containers from top to bottom. Every couple of weeks I will add liquid fish emulsion diluted liquid seaweed or to give them the nutrition they need. Another great way to add fertilizer during the growing season is make or buy compost tea.

Drainage - Drainage is key to keep the plants from drowning. You want your pot or container so that the excess water from the bottom, so that your plants will not sit in water or soggy soil. Make sure the container has a large hole or several small ones. In general, you can drill holes if drainage is inadequate.

Containers - Select a container can be daunting. You can use almost anything for a garden planter, provided it is large enough and has good drainage. Note, however, that the larger the container, the easier to maintain. The floor over a container can hold more moisture to be retained. Do not bother with the containers that are less than 12 "and I am much happier if at least 18". Bigger is better here.

I particularly love wooden containers to grow vegetables. I like the way you look and you can get good sized containers that are not too expensive, or you can make your own. Mine are of cedar and is expected to last most of the time I did.

Growing vegetables in self-watering containers work wonderfully ... most of the time. Problems arise when you get a lot of rain. Unless you have a container where excess water can drain easily, or have an overflow, the plants can reach choke. That said, most of the time self-watering containers, a fantastic job of providing the optimum conditions of water. It can also be a practical solution for people who can not water every day.

Glazed ceramic containers or plastic are fine too. You can even use clay, but it's harder to keep your plants moist, because the clay tends to suck water from the soil. To help solve this problem, put a plate underneath the ceramic pot and fill with water.
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13 Jun 2013 04:49 #2361 by Luwasa
Luwasa replied the topic: Re:Container gardening
Nice information..Thanks for sharing..

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02 Sep 2016 22:17 #2430 by PaulHendon
PaulHendon replied the topic: Container gardening
Container gardening is easy to do and there are lots of reasons why it's also a sensible gardening option. Mobility, Focus, Flexibility, Limitation, Scope etc.

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