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Cacti and succulent care

06 Aug 2014 11:48 #2405 by Aliw
Aliw created the topic: Cacti and succulent care
I've had my plants for a couple of months, and they simply continue to shrivel up and shed leaves. I know they're cacti and succulents, so the shouldn't need much water, but when I see this I give them more water, and this still goes on. Now the succulent that seemed hardier is drooping, and I've started watering weekly. I've even noticed some type of white powder around the pot. Help?
( They are kept inside, next to, but not directly in front of, a north facing window-- I'm in an apt.)

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26 Dec 2014 13:56 #2419 by walter
walter replied the topic: Re:Cacti and succulent care
Not sure why I'm the first to respond, but I'll give it a try. Yes, most succulents and cactus do not like to be 'wet' but they all need some water. It is difficult to pinpoint what was going on, there is not a lot to go on. How large were the plants? How large are the containers? Clay or Plastic? You are in Arizona (I think) it is generally warmer and dry in most of that state. (not sure where you are exactly) Anyway the best advice I can give you is, you should put your finger into the soil frequently to 'feel' how much moisture there is in the soil, to about a 1" to 2" depth, when it starts to feel a little dry, you should water the plant. If it feels pretty moist, wait a few days and check again. Just don't keep them wet and don't let them get bone dry. How often did you water in those two months, and how much water did you put on? I'm just thinking they did not get enough water, it does not 'sound' like they have been over watered. The white part, you need to describe better please.

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