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  • Buy

    When's the best time to buy this plant? When can you buy these from seed (if you can)? When is it usually available? What are things to look for when you're buying it? Or anything other tidbit of information you can share!

  • Plant

    When's a good time to plant this plant or bulb? Any special planting instructions?

  • Sow Seeds

    When can you plant these seeds? When's the best time? Can you start them indoors and move them out? Do they have any special requirements?

  • Fertilize

    When should you fertilize this plant? Which kind of fertilizer do you recommend? Should you use different fertilizers at different times of year?

  • Water

    Is there a time to reduce or increase watering? Any special requirements? Things to avoid during certain times of the year?

  • Prune

    When's a good time to prune this plant? How about deadheading, pinching back, trimming or any other grooming? Any special requirements?

  • Mulch

    Does this plant need to be mulched? Are there specific types of Mulch which are better for this plant? How much?

  • Protect

    When and how should you protect this plant from birds, deer, rabbits? Does this plant need be covered, or wrapped or painted or moved?

  • Pest/Disease Inspection

    What are the common problems this plant will face and when should you look for them to appear?

  • Treat for Pest/Disease

    How do you treat the common problems for this plant? What products or concoctions or natural means do you use? Any special requirements?

  • Transplant

    When's the best time to dig up and transplant this from one spot to another? (This is different than planting). Any special requirements?

  • Propagate

    When's a good time to divide, take cuttings, layer or propagate this plant. Any special requirements?

  • Harvest

    When's a good time to harvest this plant? What's the best way to harvest? Are there special requirements or features?

  • Special requirements

    Any other requirement for this plant? Is there anything that doesn't fit into the other care categories?

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