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Buds are starting to swell in the orchards, and it’s up to our ambitious pollinators to turn those forthcoming blossoms into harvestable fruit. Our pollinator of choice for orchard trees is the incredible Blue Orchard Mason Bee. Far more effective at pollinating than the honey bee, the Mason Bee is a solitary, gentle and very reliable fruit tree pollinator. They are active for a few weeks in early spring right around the time fruit trees bloom. In that time, they work very hard collecting pollen and laying eggs. Once their work is done, the adults die. The new eggs develop into the next generation of adults that
will emerge next spring to repeat the process. We are happy to say that we still have some Mason Bees available and ready for immediate shipping—just in time to pollinate your fruit trees! Purchase bees today and you’ll receive a FREE sampler size package of our Beneficial Bug Mix seed*. Plant these, and you’ll attract more pollinators later in the season to help your summer garden’s production! Hurry! Our bee supply is very limited, and this offer is valid for online orders only now through Friday, April 7th, 2017 or while supplies last!  *Offer valid only if bees are purchased! Once you add all your items, including the bees, to your cart and go to the first check out screen there will be an option to add your free Beneficial Bug Mix to your order.
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