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Wise Up With Watering! Our ollas are based on an ancient gardening technique that delivers the water directly to the plants' roots as they need it. Ollas are unglazed, porous terra cotta containers that are submerged in the soil with only their tops exposed. The ollas are filled with water, and the surrounding plants naturally draw out the moisture as they require it. The ollas require re-filling once a week or every few days depending on the plants' needs and environmental conditions.  With this method you'll eliminate: -Fungal issues and sunburn from wetting foliage. -Evaporation and run-off from overhead or surface watering. -Providing water to weeds and weed seed
on the surface of the soil. One large olla will provide moisture to the plants in a 4-foot by 4-foot space, and the small olla works on containers up to 24 inches in diameter.
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